General Overview

Unlike graphical games which leave little to the imagination, text-based gaming allows a level of immersion not found in other platforms. The enviroment of Maiden Desmodus is much like an interactive fantasy adventure novel in which your character can move freely between chapters. Our descriptive interactive environment is continuous and persistent, which means that your actions, or inaction, can directly affect the plot and lives of fellow players.

Getting Started

New players are required to create a player account, which will be used when logging into the game, our wiki, and our forum. When you create a character you will choose to be born as a citizen of one of two warring kingdoms. While the abilities and potential of Kneyans and Thirians is fairly balanced, both races represent different cultures and beliefs. As such, the guild skillsets do vary even between guilds of the same nature.

You will begin play with some basic clothing and equipment, some spending money, some basic skills, access to some communal areas, and little else. Your first hours of play should be dedicated to getting to know your home stronghold and your fellow citizens. You will likely want to visit local merchants to outfit yourself with things not given to you, and you are advised to find gainful employment to ensure that you have money for future expendatures.

As you play, you will see various stories and adventures unfolding around you. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to join in the fun with other players. Your first major decision will be in the selection of a guild. While you can earn a living performing quests as you come upon them and labours for the local Workhouse your character won't truly begin to advance until you have joined one of the four primary guilds of each faction:

Kneyan Characters
The Temple of the Maiden Desmodus
The Order of the Blood Knights
The Physician's Guild
The Fellowship of Shadows

Thirian Characters
The Cult of Rah
The Black Down
The Physician's Guild
The Fellowship of Shadows

By joining a guild, your character will gain access to three new skillsets that are available only to members of that guild. You will also begin accruing experience points to advance both your basic skills and your guild-related skills. Guild members will also have access to restricted areas of their guild, guild assets, and special adventures/quests designed exclusively for members of the guild and parties they are grouped to.

As you gain experience for your exploits, your character will gain levels. With each new level comes new skills for each of your skillsets that allow your character to perform new tasks, commands, and powers. Once you have earned enough experience points to reach the 5th level of your guild, you will be seasoned enough that you can pick any trade/craft skill to pursue. The selection of a trade means that your character is able to become a part of the in-game economy by manufacturing the very same objects sought after by other players. It is more than a means to earn an income, it is a way to earn a reputation as expert craftsmen are able to create customized objects of great value.

As you explore and adventure your deeds and misdeeds will be recorded. You will find new paths opening up for you. In some cases these will appear simply as new doorways or exits that you previously were not seasoned enough to notice, and in other cases they will be opened to you as parts of specific adventures or events.

Between the City of Johannasburg, the stronghold of the Kneyan people, and the rough and tumble Township of Tharn where the Thirians hold power, are vast regions of wilderness. Some of these wild lands are unclaimed by either faction. Others are highly disputed.

When your character reaches level 30, he or she becomes a part of the elder game of Maiden Desmodus and can be inducted into the patronage of a Lord. As a vassal, your character will be entrusted with command of military groups and a whole new skillset for directing their strategy and actions. As a military commander, you will be able to conduct mass warfare in the disputed territories of The Isle and win victories for your side.

Being a successful vassal to your lord will eventually entitle you to the title of Lord yourself and you may put your accumulated resources toward the construction of a stronghold of your own. Your new stronghold will become a permanent part of our game world and it will be up to you to defend and govern it. Strongholds can potentially become new settlements where fledgeling players can build their own shops and homes, which will of course increase the taxes collected by the stronghold and the ruling might of the ruling lord.

Background Information

Three hundred years ago The Isle was settled by a human race known as the Kney. A small village called Johannasburg was founded on The Isle to act as a seaport. Within a hundred years the burgeoning village had become a thriving township and key center of commerce for the Kneyan people.

When the Kneyan Kingdom was conquered two-hundred years later and the Kneyan people of the mainland exterminated, The Isle became an independent kingdom. With the trade routes decimated by war, the Kneyans of The Isle settled into a peaceful and self-reliant existence. That is, until the arrival of a dark being that came to be known by the islanders as the Maiden Desmodus.

The Maiden Desmodus, described as a witch by some, a vampire or demon by others, began feeding off of the population. Great efforts were made to slay the Maiden, yet all were futile. In time, the Kneyans of The Isle forged an unspoken truce with the Maiden Desmodus. Blood began to be taken from each Kneyan on a regular basis and offered to "The Crimson Goddess" in bloodwells erected in Temples of the Maiden Desmodus throughout The Isle. An unsteady peace was achieved.

In time, the religion of Desmoduism had become widespread. Bloodletting became a common practice, but there were those who opposed offering their essense to "the bloody whore who stalks the night". A rebellion against the practices of traditional Desmoduism led to the division of The Isle Kingdom's heirarchy of power. And now, following the fracturing of the Kneyan Kingdom, the new splinter kingdom of Thiria wages a brutal war with their former brothers to the south.

Role-Playing and Conflict in Maiden Desmodus

The game world presented in Maiden Desmodus has been painstakingly created with attention to detail and realism. It is, above all else, a role-playing environment. You should strive to remain in-character at all times and act as your character would act as events unfold around you.

While Maiden Desmodus is highly combat-oriented, the means of conflict has been woven from an in-character tapestry. Faction combat between the Kneyan and Thirian peoples is largely driven by cultural and religious differences. Combat between guilds is often politically driven by the ambitions of the highly influential members of rival guilds. Player versus player conflicts commonly begin based upon personal vendettas or lead back to the goals of their guilds, vassals, and lords.

Players are thus justified to conduct themselves according to their own desires without blatently playing in an out-of-character manner. The Isle can be a rough place, even within civilized Johannasburg and those who openly commit crimes against person or property are permitted to do so providing they are prepared to deal with in-character consequences. Punishments for criminal behavior in lawful areas can include being targeted by local law enforcement, arrest, or defeat at the hands of vengeful characters who may not quickly forget wrongs done to them.

Buying and Using Credits

Any player can create a character and join the game without charge. Their character is able to achieve the same level of accomplishment whether they ever choose to buy credits or not, and they are allowed to partake in the adventure scenarios and role-play open to all players of their guild and level.

The purchase of credits does allow your character to advance at a much quicker rate. What this means is that those who support Maiden Desmodus though buying and using credits are able to get more out of the game sooner than those who don't. In addition, there are some options, such as the customization of objects and rooms, or upgrades on strongholds and other buildings, that are available only through the use of purchased credits.

In short, a paying player does not have the option of buying his way to superiority, he is just taking a shorter road to get there and able to do so with more style.

We at The Binary Forge put a great deal of resources into the continued perpetual development of Maiden Desmodus and other future game worlds that are currently on the drawing board. The best way to ensure that our games thrive and survive is to buy and use credits regularly. You'll be happy with your own personal advancement, and we'll be happy to continue to provide you with more interesting worlds to inhabit.

Help and Resources

The primary source of documentation for Maiden Desmodus is our wiki, which is available via this website. The wiki contains up-to-date information about the mechanics of the game, general information and world background, and assorted help-oriented files. It should be your first place to look for the answer to any question that you may have.

Common questions and answers can also be found in the F.A.Q. section of this website. This resource is enough to get most players going, and we do update it if we find any particular question coming up frequently on the forums.

In addition to the wiki and F.A.Q., the Maiden Desmodus forums are valuable sources of information as through them you are able to speak with other players and our staff members. If you are unable to find the answer to your question in the wiki, feel free to post it in the appropriate forums.

Players are able to use a global "shout" command to send text out to other players. The shouting voices of new players is fairly weak, but you will be heard by all listening players of higher level and you will find that a politely asked question will never go unanswered.

If all else fails and you are unable to find the help you need, feel free to direct an e-mail to our staff directly at [email protected] Your e-mail will be responded to as promptly as possible.