Welcome to Maiden Desmodus

The Maiden Desmodus MUD is currently under construction. As such, not all parts of our website and wiki have been completed. The information provided on this website will help you to understand the concept of Maiden Desmodus, the lay of the land, and of course act as a portal to our custom MUD Client that you can use to play the game.

Our original game engine, "MUD Golem" has been custom written for this project and as such, Maiden Desmodus is unlike any other text-based adventure and role-playing game. We encourage our future players to follow our development progress via our forum, and will announce any openings for staff hirings and playtesters there when we have such positions available.

Some of our Features

  • A custom game engine designed exclusively for Maiden Desmodus
  • Play from your browser with our easy to use custom Flash client
  • Description-driven mechanics and character interaction
  • Unique character creation system with auto-generation option
  • No applications or review periods, start playing in minutes
  • Extensive commands to support role-play and IC interaction
  • Intense player versus player combat
  • Two rival kingdoms lay the foundation of faction conflict
  • Climb the political ladder to eventually become a ruler yourself
  • Eight guilds to choose from with many unique skills to master
  • Every character has over 200 unique skills to employ
  • Crafting system that lets you pick a trade, craft and sell your wares
  • Intense real-time combat system where you control every action
  • Highly detailed and realistic world in which to play
  • Compelling background story, religions, and cultures
  • Countless adventures and quests to embark upon and explore
  • Dynamic world with mobs that talk to, interact with, and remember you
  • Command armies to crush your opponents and conquer their lands
  • Build your own home, shop, and even stronghold
  • Play for free, or buy credits to increase your advancement rate
  • Live game stats fed to this website put our players in the spotlight

And much, much more...